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Marcella Ecocertgirl

Executive Leader

I've been a top leader in the industry for 25 years! I am VERY excited about the direction of Retro, Co. ! Twenty five years ago I build a party plan team. Six years ago I build an MLM team. Over time home parties and hotel meetings became less appealing to people. I do believe there is a time and a place in today's market for both home parties and hotel meetings BUT I also believe that today's biggest market is soclal media. However, social media and beauty are both popular and crowded spaces. Which means your products must stand out. Ours certainly do! We are the only US direct selling company that are organic and eco certified (standards more rigid than organic). Our tech tools also set us apart as they super charge the anti aging results! Although, we are a new company we are not a new manufacturing company. We have been manufacturing tools for decades. With these unique qualities I believe retro is the perfect product! People are searching health & beauty.

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